What is the Live Literature Programme?

Welcome to Live Literature!

The Live Literature programme works with you to bring authors from our directory into your community by:

You need to apply before one of our deadlines to use part-funded Live Literature sessions to run your event. Our panel award sessions with authors. A session is a visit from an author that lasts for approximately an hour.

Authors listed in our directory are paid a fee of £175 and reimbursed their expenses when they carry out these events. Authors living and working in Scotland can apply to join the directory at any time. 

Scottish Book Trust will invoice you for part of this fee after the event has taken place. This will cost you £75 per session, £90 including VAT (some organisations can reclaim VAT). Scottish Book Trust covers the author’s travel and accommodation.


What is Live Literature?

Here are nine things you need to know about the programme:

  • Each year, over 1,000 events take place across Scotland that are supported by the Live Literature programme, with a total estimated audience of 50,000 people.
  • You might have attended a Live Literature event. We've helped fund some well-known events in Scotland such as The West End Festival in Glasgow and StAnza in St Andrews, as well as supporting charities, libraries, book groups, schools and NHS trusts across the country.
  • Could you use sessions with authors to bring books and stories alive? Nothing creates excitement about reading and writing quite like having an author visit your school, workplace or community group.
  • We pay all author expenses so an author can travel up to the Islands or down to the Borders at no extra cost to your project.
  • Author events can take place anywhere in Scotland – on the seashore, in a classroom, in a forest, in a care home, at your book group, in the local hospital... the choice is yours.
  • Events in schools can work across the curriculum – team up with another department or your school library to give your project maximum impact.
  • Collective applications work wonders – partner with other organisations in your Local Authority and put in a collective bid for sessions.
  • Host your own writing residencies and private workshops with published authors – invite one author across several weeks to work with community group or class.
  • Need press coverage for your event? We can help! We can provide advice about publicising your event through local press and also advertise your public events to SBT’s followers on Twitter (over 35,000 followers) and Facebook (11,000 likes).


What now?

Organisers! Find out how to apply for Live Literature sessions for your event.

Authors! Are you interested in carrying out Live Literature sessions? Find out how to apply

Do you already have Live Literature sessions? Find an author for your event in our directory


Get in touch

If you have any questions about how the Live Literature programme works and how it can support what you do, email live.literature@scottishbooktrust.com or call 0131 524 0160.


Stay in touch 

We'd love to know how you're getting on with your sessions or if you have updates for your author profile. If you're having a problem organising an event, or getting to an event, we'll do everything we can to help. Email live.literature@scottishbooktrust.com or call 0131 524 0160.


Photo credit: Paul Watt, for Scottish Book Trust. 

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