Authors Live: Emily MacKenzie

Emily MacKenzie will be joining us to celebrate Bookbug Week 2019 by sharing her hilarious book There's a Broccoli in my Ice Cream! We will hear about main character Granville and his love for sweet, sugary, chocky wocky gooey things to eat. NOT fruit and vegetables. His family come up with a plan to persuade him to be passionate about fruit and vegetables. Only, Granville has a plan of his own – and it will surprise everyone!

Bring your pencil and paper to join in and draw-along with Emily!

Date and time: Thursday 16 May, 11am

Age: Nursery to P3


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If you only do one thing activity 

HWB 0-30a, HWB 1-30a, HWB 1-30b, HWB 1-35a

In There’s Broccoli in my Ice Cream, Granville isn’t so keen on trying fruit and vegetables. Use this Authors Live broadcast as an opportunity to explore healthy eating and encourage your pupils to try something new. Put out a selection of different fruit and vegetables and ask each of them to try something they had previously thought they didn’t like. By the end of the story, Granville finds he actually rather likes vegetables and puts them in all his favourite ice cream flavours.

Before you throw away the wrappers for all the fruit and vegetables, collect them and look at the labels with your pupils. Discuss where the fruit and vegetables came from- do they recognise any of the countries? Can they point at them on the map? Do they think this is a sustainable way to eat and shop? Granville grows lots of different fruit and vegetables in his garden with his grandpa, so his fruit is local and is seasonal. What about the fruit from a supermarket- is it seasonal? Is it a good thing that fruit and vegetables are available all year round?