Authors Live with Martin Brown

The illustrator of Horrible Histories is coming to Authors Live!

Artist Martin Brown is best known as the pencil behind the gruesome characters that populate the pages of the Angry Aztecs, Vicious Vikings and Ruthless Romans (just a few of the twenty best-selling titles he has created with author Terry Deary).

Horrible Histories Cartoon

This irrepressible Aussie will be sharing stories behind his comic creations, whilst making history come alive with his quick-fire drawings, and demonstrating how everyone is an artist!

After you’ve signed up to join us below, you can check-out Martin’s Case Study Package – full of videos, learning resources and book recommendations for Horrible History fans. There are as many ways to engage your pupils as there were terrible toilets in Medieval times – including submitting your questions live on Twitter.

Date: Thursday 22 March 2018

Time: 11am-11.40am

Age Group: P4-7



If you have any queries about the event or have any trouble registering, please contact