Authors Live Teacher Ambassador Programme: Darren Shan Case Study Package

Louise Edwards, LRC Coordinator at McLaren High School, took part in our Teacher Ambassador Programme in Janaury 2013. She worked with several colleagues to make Authors Live: Darren Shan a central part of their annual CfE Challenge - an initiative which unites several departments to produce work on a specific theme for the whole of their S1. Louise blogged for us about the CfE Challenge and explained how they used Darren Shan's novels across several subject areas over a three week period. Read her blogs and take a look at our resources for ideas on how you might teach a novel accross the curriculum.

Authors Live: Darren Shan
Zombie fans at McLaren High School
Authors Live: Darren shan filming

Blog 1: A cross-curricular zombie project

Blog 2: A cross curricular zombie project - activities explained

Authors Live: Darren Shan watch on demand

Darren Shan fans
Darren Shan

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