Read, Write, Count for Professionals

What is Read, Write, Count?

Read, Write, Count is a new campaign to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of Scotland’s children by providing advice and support for the families of children in Primary 1, 2 and 3. It a key part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to raise attainment for all and close the attainment gap.

Read, Write, Count aims to build on the success of the PlayTalkRead and Bookbug programmes in the early years and encourage parents and families to include easy and fun reading, writing and counting activities in their everyday lives. For many years, Bookbug has gifted a bag of books to all P1 students throughout Scotland. Now, through the Read, Write, Count campaign, all P1 to P3 children will receive a free bag with books, counting games and writing materials in the autumn of this year.

Research tells us that parental involvement in children’s learning is one of the best ways to improve educational outcomes for all children. Read, Write, Count is about giving parents the confidence to get involved and provides resources to support learning at home.

The campaign is being delivered by Scottish Government, Education Scotland and Scottish Book Trust.

To find out more about the campaign and see the advice and tips for parents, visit

Read, Write, Count bags

Children in Primary 2 and 3 will receive a Read, Write, Count bag in the autumn of this year. In it are books, fun counting games and materials for writing.

Free bags of books and other learning materials have been given to children from birth to Primary 1 for a number of years with Scottish Book Trust’s Bookbug programme. Since 2015, these bags have had extra writing and counting materials from the Read, Write, Count campaign.

The bags are a great way to inspire parents and children to read, write and count together and are a great first step in increasing children’s literacy and numeracy skills.

All children are entitled to receive their Bookbug and Read, Write, Count bags. The bags will arrive in schools between September to November of this year and are also available in Gaelic.

We encourage schools to gift the bags to children during Book Week Scotland and to make links with their local library as part of their gifting plans.

We are working with local authorities to arrange delivery of the bags. If you would like to find out more about the arrangements in your area, please contact the relevant person in your authority. You can find their details here.

Book Week Scotland is a national celebration of books and reading. During Book Week Scotland, Scottish Book Trust holds around 800 book events all over Scotland with schools, libraries, bookshops and many others. Gifting the bags during Book Week Scotland can draw pupils’ and parents’ attention to this national celebration and encourage them to participate in the week’s events, laying the groundwork for further engagement in reading. In school, Book Week Scotland can provide a platform for lots of activities celebrating books, and there are competitions, games and things to do online, including free online author events.

For more information for teachers, librarians and other learning professionals on Read, Write, Count and the new bags, including details of their contents and ideas for gifting, take a look at our brand new CLPL materials.


Further information

As well as Read, Write, Count, Scottish Book Trust offers a number of other exciting opportunities for primary schools and resources for learning professionals. To find out more, visit our Learning section.

Here are some examples of our learning resources, which you might find useful to use in school, the library or share with parents.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your part in supporting the Read, Write, Count campaign. We hope this will help to make a real difference to parents and children and have a lasting impact on children’s literacy and numeracy skills.