David Solomons Schools Event

In November Scottish Book Trust brought brilliant script-writer and award-winning author David Solomons to Fife for a special day of school events!

David SolomonsAs a script-writer, David Solomons turned the legendary novel Five Children and It into a film, before deciding to write his own books.

During this event David told pupils from Methilhill and Cairneyhill Primary Schools of his own heroic struggles to become a published writer. He faced multiple rejections from publishers before finding the magic formula with the hugely popular and award-winning My Brother is a Superhero.

David discussed with pupils the history of the superheroes, good and the bad. Have you ever heard of Arm Fall-off Boy or Stone Boy? We hadn't either, and they sounded pretty rubbish, but they helped him realise that he wanted unconventional heroes for his books.

Pupils then came up with their own superhero together, with some pretty bizarre results. Pupils at Methilhill presented David with their own superhero guises, some photos of the amazing characters they came up with can be seen in the gallery below.

David also writes scripts for his novels, so as a way of introducing his latest book, My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord, four budding actors from the schools bravely performed the opening scene from the book in front of all their classmates.

There were more heroics from David at the signing table, as he vailiantly signed copies of his books for the pupils who bought a book, which was almost half the pupils we saw!

You can see photos from the event in the gallery below.


Learning Resources

Learning resources full of cross-curricular activities to help explore the themes in David's books are available to download here.