MG Leonard Schools Event

Scottish Book Trust brought amazing debut author MG Leonard to Edinburgh for a day of special school events.

Beetle Boy

Even before publication MG Leonard's debut novel Beetle Boy took the book world by storm! It has appeared on bestseller lists and was the Waterstones Children's Book of the Month for February 2016.

In this session MG Leonard told pupils all about the creepy crawlies that inspired her brilliant book. Along with props and an array of taxidermy, MG Leonard shared her story and how her personal phobia of beetles led to her becoming a best-selling children's author. Lively and interactive throughout, MG Leonard's event left pupils fascinated about bugs and keen to read more!

Check out the photos from the event below, including the brilliant 3D junk model project by St Catherine's Primary School!

To find out more about MG Leonard you can visit her website.

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Learning Resources

You can find learning resources full of cross-curricular activity ideas to help you explore MG Leonard's book Beetle Boy here.