School Event with Alice Broadway

We're taking bestselling YA author Alice Broadway out to visit S1- 3 pupils in South Lanarkshire for a day of inspiring events in April!

Imagine a world where every action, every deed, every significant moment is tattooed onto your skin forever. That’s the life that Leora is brought up in, but a tragedy unveils many mysteries of her family’s past leaving her with a lot of questions. Through the three part series, the reader is transported into Leora’s worldScar book cover and the struggle to find the truth, learning lessons and tackling her future along the way.

Alice Broadway's bestselling Ink trilogy is inspired by Ancient Egyptian death rituals as well as the concepts and thoughts around honouring the dead and keeping them close to you. The art of tattooing strongly influences the story, and although she has none herself, Alice spent a lot of time following tattooists and researching her ideas and concepts for the books. With the third and final book of the series Scar soon to be released, Alice will explore her inspirations for her writing further and discuss how she came about the idea for her Ink series during the event.

Passionate about encouraging young people to consider writing their own stories, Alice will use her talk to help your pupils develop their own characters and tell their own stories.

This is a great opportunity for your pupils to meet an author, gain a special understanding of her work and get top tips to help them with their own writing

These events are FULLY FUNDED and all secondary schools in South Lanarkshire are invited to apply.

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Thursday 25 April 2019

S1 - 3

200 +  

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Monday 1 April 2019


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If you have any questions about applying or what’s involved, please email Holly Gardner