Claire McFall: Ferryman

On Tuesday, 12th March 2013 debut author Claire McFall visited Wester Hailes Education Centre and Craigmount High School to talk about her excellent novel Ferryman.

Claire McFall teaches English to teenagers in Peebles, Scotland where she lives; she is fascintated by teenagers and what makes them tick. Ferryman is Claire McFall’s first novel. It has echoes both of Greek myths and religious beliefs of good and evil, heaven and hell. It combines the compulsive horror of The Hunger Games with a love story against the odds to rival Twilight.

Claire introduced her book and all its characters before delving pupils into the world of publishing and just what it takes to write a successful book. 



Claire McFall at Wester Hailes Education Centre
Claire McFall reading from Ferryman
Claire McFall signing books at Craigmount High School
Claire McFall introducing her characters at Craigmount High School



Pupil Feedback

I enjoyed Claire McFall's visit to our school because I think her personality was very engaging so it made me listen more. I liked how she wasn't just talking about  her book and what it is about but about how she came up with the plot and characters as well. Also I liked how she was talking about how to write a book and get it published as well. Lauren, 13, Craigmount High School

Claire was funny and kind and great at interacting with us. She gave us a great description of the book, so I really wanted to buy it. I did then start reading it, and it was as good as I expected, if not better. Rachel, 13, Craigmount High School

I did enjoy it as I got the chance to meet a brilliant, new, Scottish author. I also got to learn about the book as she read a chapter for us. Rory, 13, Craigmount High School

I enjoyed the event with Claire McFall because she was nice and funny and made me eager to read her book. I liked how she told us how to write and publish a book as well. Amy, 13, Craigmount High School

I really enjoyed it, I loved the fact we got to find out the background of the book, it made it seem more realistic. Ellen, 12, Craigmount High School


Teacher Feedback

It was great to hear a Scottish writer explain her inspiration and also give ideas on creative writing with the kids. She was very warm and the students could relate to her. It was interactive and the students enjoyed participating. They loved the picture prompts and asked to do this when I saw them later the same day. We are now writing our own stories using the picture prompts. The copies of the book have all been borrowed from the library already. Claire Dancer, Teacher, Wester Hailes Education Centre