Michael Byrne Schools Event

In October 2015 Scottish Book Trust welcomed debut author Michael Byrne to Edinburgh for an exciting schools event  

Michael's debut novel Lottery Boy is a moving and gripping thriller about a homeless boy living on the streets of London. One day he finds a lottery ticket, a last gift from his mum, and it seems like Bully's luck is about to change. But what seems like the answer to all his problems soon makes Bully's struggle to survive a whole lot harder. Lottery Boy is a thought provoking story of loss and almost unbearable hope which will keep your pupils gripped until the last page.

Michael talked to 300 pupils from seven different Edinburgh secondary schools about his inspiration and research for Lottery Boy. He told pupils about why he became a writer as well as sharing tips and ideas for their own creative writing. This was a fantastic opportunity for pupils to meet an inspiring upcoming author and to get them excited about reading and creative writing. 

Learning Resources

Cross-curricular learning resources to help you explore Lottery Boy and discuss some of the issues raised with your pupils are available to download from our website here.