Shared Reading

For the 2016 Scottish Children's Book Awards, Scottish Book Trust is funding Shared Reading projects, including CPD sessions and pupil drama workshops, in 5 local authorities. Even if you are not involved through one of these funded programmes there are a variety of ways you can run shared reading in your own school to involve reluctant readers or simply to bridge the gap between older and younger pupils. You'll also find a set of resources for shared reading on this page.


Shared Reading in Primary School Shared Reading with Reluctant Readers

P6 and/or P7 children read the three shortlisted picture books to P1s and/or P2s and both age groups vote for their favourite books. We think this is ideal for less confident P6 and P7 readers as although the reading material is of a younger reading age than material for their age group, they won’t feel patronised by it as, in the shared reading scheme, the purpose is to read and find out the views of their younger peers. You can read all about Craigdhu Primary's experience here.

Read the shortlisted books out to your reluctant reader/ASN primary school children, talking to them about their thoughts on the books and asking them to vote for their favourite.  Get the pupils to read you their own versions of the story through the pictures.  This can also be helpful for children whose first language is not English.  Watch this fantastic video of St Johns RC High School in Dundee sharing dual language picture books with a nursery class from Woodlea Children's Centre .

Shared Reading in Primary Schools

Reading to Adults
Shared Reading in Secondary School Tell us about your involvement!

S1 pupils read the picture books to children in one or more of your cluster primary schools. This is also an ideal way of building links with the primaries in your cluster. Either or both sets of children may be reluctant readers or ASN pupils. St Johns RC High School in Dundee explain how they think the shared reading project worked for them in this video.

We are keen to gather information from learning professionals on best practice. If you’ve got something you’d like to share about how you’re using the Scottish Children’s Book Awards in your classroom please contact Antonia Clark at


Shared Reading with Older Pupils

Shared Reading Groups