Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Christopher William Hill

In September 2015 the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour brought Christopher William Hill to Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen.

Christopher William Hill is the author of the fantastically macabre Tales from Schwartzgarten series. Set in the gothic city of Schwartzgarten, these dark tales are hilarious and unsettling in equal measure. The villains are vicious, the settings are sinister and good does not always prevail. . .

Over the course of a jam-packed week Christopher meet over 1600 pupils from 12 different schools in Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen. The sessions were full of sinister stories, gruesome games and even some ghastly surprises! Pupils let their imaginations run wild and were left full of ideas for their own gory and spine-chilling tales.  

Learning Resources

Cross-curricular learning resources to help you delve into the dark and grusome world of Schwarzgarten with your pupils are available to download from our website here.

Check out the gallery below for some blood-curdling photos from the tour!