Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Ciaran Murtagh

The Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour took the brilliant author and screenwriter Ciaran Murtagh to East Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and Falkirk for an exciting and inventive week of schools events!

Ciaran Murtagh is an exciting star in the world of children’s literature. He is an award-winning children’s author and screenwriter living in London. To date he has over thirty books to his name, including the Genie and Dino series, and has written for some of our best-loved TV shows, including Dangermouse, Mr. Bean, The Amazing World of Gumball and Shaun the Sheep. 

His most recent series, The Fincredible Diary of Fin Spencer, stars twelve-year-old aspiring stuntboy-rockstar, Fin Spencer. In the first book in this series, Stuntboy, Fin is given a magical and mysterious diary which changes his life in the most unexpected and often hilarious ways! Ciaran’s most recent book, Prom King, published in 2016, finds Fin attempting to organise an unforgettable prom night in two short weeks, with a few entertaining twists and turns along the way. During the event, Ciaran enthralled pupils in his reading from the second in the series, Megastar, closing the book on a cliffhanger and leaving pupils to wonder what happens next to Fin after an interesting evening performing in the school play. 

The event saw Ciaran Murtagh lead an exciting ‘make your own adventure’ romp through storytelling. Each P4-7 group built their own story from scratch, starting with a title before deciding on genre, plot and ending. Ciaran used a page from a dictionary with pupils to find weird and wonderful titles to start their story. Some of the titles created included Professor Plum, The Magical Mustard, Squirrel on the Stallion and Spreading Spinach. Pupils worked with Ciaran to create their own unique story outline which can be used to inspire creative writing in the classroom. 

Pupils certainly enjoyed the session and Ciaran managed to entertain, engage and inspire all in one! There was a great deal of laughter during the sessions, from both teachers and pupils alike, and perhaps a few chuckles from Scottish Book Trust staff too!

To find out more about Ciaran, visit his website

Learning Resources

Learning resources full of cross-curricular activities to help you and your pupils dive into the Fincredible world of Fin Spencer are available to download here