Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Nicola Davies

In September 2014 the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour visited Argyll & Bute with the fantastic author and zoologist Nicola Davies. Nicola shared her enthusiasm for nature and curiosity about animals from around the world with over 750 pupils from 11 different schools – from tiny rural schools with only 20 pupils on the Isle of Mull, to groups of 200 pupils which filled the whole school hall.

During the course of the week Nicola astounded pupils with stories of her travels and amazing animal facts. Did you know that a two year old child could crawl through the arteries of a blue whale? Or that its heart is the same size as a smart car?

The schools we visited were fantastic - pupils transformed into sperm whales and dived to the bottom of the ocean, using echolocation to catch giant squid. They learnt the song of the humpback whale and promised to teach it to their family when they got home. They also shared their own animal stories and asked Nicola lots of questions about why she writes and where she gets her inspiration. Of course everyone wanted to know what Nicola’s favourite and least favourite animals were – she loves giant anteaters and hates spiders!

To find out more about Nicola and her work you can visit her website.


Learning Resources

Get creative in the classroom with these brilliant teaching resources to accompany Nicola's books. 


Event Photos

Nicola reads 'The Promise'
Nicola Davies at Rothesay Primary School
Nicola Davies at Bunessan Primary School
Nicola Davies at Wemyss Bay Primary School
Pupils at Strone Primary
Artwork inspired by 'The Promise'
Reading 'Deadly!'
Nicola Davies



I loved the way Nicola Davies had so many facts to tell us! A blue whale is 30 metres long! Without dung beetles there would be poo all over the countryside! I liked her book The Promise.
Erica McDonald, 10, Inverkip Primary

I really enjoyed it. I was amazed at all the animal facts I didn’t know. It was great.
Kieran Clark, 10, Inverkip Primary

I can’t stop reading Nicola Davies books. They’re so awesome.
Amy, 10, Bunessan Priamry School

I liked Nicola because she taught us a lot about animals.
Aidan McGarrigle, 8, Inverkip Primary School

Very stimulating, particularly for the older pupils, they still talk about Nicola’s stories. Due to our isolated, rural position it is fantastic to be able to provide this experience for the children – thank you!
Pauline Inglis, Head Teacher, Lochdonhead and Ulva Primary Schools

Nicola was inspirational – her stories were educational, entertaining and motivational. Would have loved to have her for longer!
Una Nicolson, Teacher, Inverkip Primary