Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour 20th Anniversary with John Fardell

In January 2018, as part of our all-star 20th Anniversary Celebrations, the Book Tour took John Fardell back on the road to visit schools in Northern Ireland for a wonderful week of school events! 

Back in 2007, John Fardell toured schools in Clackmannanshire and Inverclyde with the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour. To find out more about this tour, visit our Tour History page. As part of the 20th Anniversary Celebrations, John Fardell toured again with the Children's Book Tour, visiting primary schools the length and breadth of Northern Ireland. 

The week started in Derry, with a fantastic event with pupils with additional support needs at Ardnashee School (see our photo gallery for more pictures). John delivered an illustration workshop, giving pupils hints and tips for visual storytelling. The pupils loved creating their own story with John, working with pictures only and focusing on what the pictures could tell the reader. From there the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour visited excited pupils in schools County Tyrone, Coleraine, Larne, County Antrim, County Down, Tassagh and ending the week in Belfast. 

John delighted pupils from P1 to P7 with his tantalising “behind-the-scenes” look at how a book comes together. Focusing on the Day Louis Got Eaten, John showed pupils his creative process, from notebooks, through to rough drafts, illustration models, layouts and final artwork. All the pupils involved gained great hints and tips for their own creative writing, especially creating the words and images for their picture books simultaneously. Pupils loved seeing and hearing about the different languages that John's books had been translated into, and how picture books in Israel are read from right to left.

Especially popular with all pupils was the story building activity with John. Pupils worked together to create a storyboard with John, visually recording their story ideas. Amazing stories (and titles soon to be on your bookshelf) include The Last Adventure of Siobhan, Ducky and Dinosaur, The Adventures of Macroo- the boy who fell from a high rise building on his birthday and became a super hero- The Day Jamie Exploded and The Adventures of Jeff the Unicorn and the Sinister Ninga. We can't wait to read these stories soon and find out how they end!  

Each schools had developed fantastic projects around John's visit. Some highlights include a inventions inspired by Jeremiah Jellyfish Flies High!, a whole school writing project inspired by the wildlife local wildlife and school orchard and some wonderful artistic creations of monsters and jellyfish inspired by John's books! Find out more about the different projects through our photo gallery.

A huge thank you to John and all the teachers, librarians and pupils we visited during an amazing week. 

To find out more about John, read our author profile

Learning Resources

Learning resources to accompany John's book Manfred the Baddie are available to download here. Watch John reading Manfred the Baddie book here, and get tips on how to create your own villain here

Learning resources to accompany The Day Louis Got Eaten are available to download here.