Malorie Blackman Tour

The amazing Waterstones Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman toured Scotland in May 2014 with the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour, visiting Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow and enthralling over 1000 S1- S3 pupils and teachers!

Malorie is one of the most imaginative and convincing writers for young readers.  In 2008, she was honoured with an OBE for her services to children's literature.  With highly praised young adult books such as Noughts and Crosses and Boys Don't Cry, Malorie touches on a range of topics, difficult choices and though provoking issues.  Her most recent novel, Noble Conflict, was released last year.

In addition, Malorie also writes children's novels, picture books, short stories and readers for early, and more confident readers. She also he writes television scripts - including episodes of the children's television drama, Byker Grove, and original dramas for CITV and BBC Education. Her stage play, The Amazing Birthday, was performed in 2002.

During the session Malorie spoke of how she became a writer, how many rejection letters she received (over 80!) and how delighted she was when her first novel, Hacker was published.  She then took us on a guided tour through her novels with readings, book trailers and clips from the TV adaptations.

We had excellent questions from the pupils and teachers - and everyone was amazed to see Game of Thrones star Richard Madden in his early acting years playing a character in a play adaptation of Noughts and Crosses!

To find out more about Malorie Blackman you can visit her website.

Learning Resources

Get creative in the classroom with these brilliant teaching resources to accompany Malorie's books. 

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Malorie Blackman
Malorie Blackman
Malorie Blackman
Malorie Blackman
Malorie Blackman
Malorie Blackman



An excellent event. The pupils all loved it and were almost all determined to read and write more fiction in the future. Blackman herself was engaging and really connected with the youngsters.
Scott Stephen, Teacher of English, Westhill Academy

Great event, wonderful opportunity to listen and be inspired by such a high profile, gifted writer. So happy we were able to attend this event.
Gill Gourlay, Librarian, Westhill Academy

Fantastic! The pupils were really engaged, excited, and quite star struck. Even quite weak readers read a Malorie Blackman text prior to the event, some pupils up to six!
Pamela Carmichael, Principal Teacher, Charleston Academy

Malorie Blackman was fun, enthusiastic and engaging which seemed to me contrary to the serious themes of her literature. A wonderful opportunity to meet the vibrant personality behind the books. Strong messages of perseverance and determination shared with our young people too - very positive!
Kathleen Marshall, Teacher of English, Charleston Academy

Malorie Blackman was a great ambassador for both reading and writing. Highly entertaining hour and a great experience for the pupils attending.
Anne Cassells, Librarian, Boclair Academy

I really enjoyed this event today. Malorie Blackman inspired me to write and read more. Malorie Blackman was very funny and enthusiastic which made the talk very interesting. She gave me loads of new ideas to write stories. I would love to read some of her books.
Marta Fonesca, 15, St Andrew's RC Primary School

I really enjoyed going to the Malorie Blackman event. I enjoyed hearing her talk about what inspired her and gave her ideas to write. I also liked the event because I had never read any of her books before and at the event I bought one of her books and loved reading it.
Heather Dundas, 13, Westhill Academy

I had a very good time going to see Malorie Blackman. It was good as she told us her story of how she became a writer and why she did it. She also told us about the inspiration for many of her books. She spoke a lot about Noughts & Crosses and it sounded like a very good book. She also spoke about her most recent book, Noble Conflict, which I bought and got signed after she spoke.
David Louie, 14, Westhill Academy

I really enjoyed the Children's Book Tour with Malorie Blackman. It was really interesting to find out about her past and how she got her inspiration from everyday things. She really inspired me to get writing and enjoy it.
Morgan McIntosh, 14, Westhill Academy

I have never met such an interesting writer like Malorie Blackman. She's the type of person you would never want to stop talking to. She is an outstanding and imaginitive writer. Although I haven't read all her books, reading her books has become my summer holiday resolution.
Daniella Damptey, 12, Knightswood Academy