Poetry through Music: Class Plan

In this step-by-step guide Eileen Moncreiff describes how her class went about using an author session in the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with James Carter as a stimulus for learning across the curriculum. They used James' tried and tested method of using music as a stimulus for poetry.


Lesson 1

We listened to 'Instrumental' on the James Carter website and tried to concentrate on the 'background' noises.

I wrote down what I heard and then added a personal memory to it.

James Carter at Cross Arthurlie Primary School

I read this aloud to the class as I felt it was too hard a concept for them to do by themselves whithout an exemplar.

We listened to the music again then the children wrote what they thought the noises represented - some of theirs were quite different to mine!

We then had a class discussion on their ideas and thoughts.


Lesson 2

The children picked 5 of the sounds they had written down and added personal memories to them.

We then discussed repetition and titles and they jotted down their ideas.


James Carter at Cross Arthurlie Primary School


Lesson 3

The children wrote their poems then read them aloud to the rest of the class.

We hope you enjoy reading the finished results!




Examples of Primary 3's work

'My Memories' by Lewis

Rain falline - I remember

Dog barking - I remember

Birds cheeping - I remember

Door screeching - I remember

Rain falling - I remember.


'My thoughts' by Owen

In the snow my face will glow,

I will rock all night and start a fight.

Rain at least - but I like rain.

Floods in England, so sad.

Bell at the wedding, so happy.

There is so much to tell.


'My Memories' by Calum

I love rain falling down,

I love dogs parking at the park,

I love drums playing at a concert,

I love church bells on a Sunday,

I love walking in the snow in Winter.


If you are interested in using Eileen's experience as a stimulus for your own projects why not have a look at our James Carter Learning Resources for some excellent ideas to get your creative juices flowing in the classroom!