What Schools Can Expect from Scottish Book Trust in 16/17

Things will be a little different in 2016 and 2017: we've got new Bookbug Bags, changes to the Scottish Children's Book Awards, and exciting partnerships with the government that aim to get kids excited about reading and writing. Details of these new bags, prizes and campaigns are below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Sarah Mallon, sarah.mallon@scottishbooktrust.com about the new prizes or Antonia Clark, readingchallenge@scottishbooktrust.com about the First Minister's Reading Challenge.


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Bookbug Explorer Bag

The Bookbug Explorer Bag is given out at nursery. The Bookbug Explorer Bag will boost every young adventurer's love of books and reading, as well as encouraging their writing and drawing.

Find out more about the Bookbug Explorer Bag

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Bookbug P1 Bag

Bookbug will be gifting a Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag to every Primary 1 child in Scotland during Book Week Scotland. Bags will contain the three books shortlisted for The Bookbug Picture Book Prize as well as fun writing and counting materials from the Read, Write, Count campaign. This Bookbug Bag will help to create a lasting link between reading at school and at home. 

Find out more about the Bookbug P1 Bag

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Read Write Count P2 and P3 Bags

Read, Write, Count is a new government campaign which gifts every P2 and P3 child in Scotland with an activity pack to share at home with their families. The campaign aims to increase the confidence of parents in reading, writing and counting with their children. Bags will be in schools in the Autumn term with a view to gift during Book Week Scotland (21 – 27 November 2016).

Visit the Read Write Count website

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Bookbug Picture Book Prize

The Bookbug Picture Book Prize will find Scotland's favourite picture book as voted for by children.  

Find out more about the Bookbug Picture Book Prize

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Reading Challenge

The First Minister’s Reading Challenge is a new Scottish Government project for all p4 – 7 children in Scotland, aiming to encourage a love of reading for pleasure in young people and a strong culture of reading in schools and homes across the nation. The challenge will launch in August.

Find out more about the First Minister's Reading Challenge and sign up for our e-updates to get more information about the Reading Challenge when it is available

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The Scottish Teenage Book Prize

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize will ask teens to vote for Scotland's favourite YA novel

Find out more about the Scottish Teenage Book Prize

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