Promotional Resources

Scottish Book Trust's Early Years Programme provides a variety of free resources to support professionals and practitioners with the implementation, promotion and day-to-day running of their local Bookbug programmes.

These resources are currently provided directly to each Bookbug coordinator on an annual basis, with stock delivery taking place in June. You can download and print any of the materials below by clicking on the highlighted headings. To download a PDF list of promotional resources please click here.

If you are interested in receiving or borrowing any of these items, to assist you in your work with the Bookbug programme, please contact your local coordinator directly. A list of local authority contacts can be found here.

Free promotional resources

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Bookbug Session Templates


Bookbug general information poster (A3)

Bookbug general information poster 

  • Promotes the key aspects of the programme including; Bookbug packs, Bookbug Sessions and Bookbug’s Library Challenge. Also directs parents to Scottish Book Trust’s Early Years website where they can find out more information about their local programme.
  • Intended for display in places that parents visit, such as supermarkets, health centres, community centres, libraries etc
  • To download and print an A4 version of this poster, please click here.

Bookbug general information Leaflet (A5)

Bookbug general information poster A5
  • As well as promoting key aspects of the programme, the leaflet also highlights the benefits of sharing books with your child. Twitter and facebook accounts have also been included. 
  • Should be given to parents who are not yet familiar with the programme.


Information for Early Years Professionals Leaflet (A5)
Early Years Professionals leaflet
  • This new leaflet provides an overview of the Bookbug Programme and key messages, as well as information about the free training and continuing professional development courses offered by Scottish Book Trust. 

Top Tips poster (A3)

Top Tips poster
  • Picks out 5 easy tips to promote reading and book sharing, and highlights the benefits of this.
  • These can be displayed alongside other materials, or distributed to health centres, nurseries or any other partner organisations to promote these messages to families.

Birth Congratulations cards

Birth congratulations card
  • Promotional tool to inform new parents about the Bookbug packs
  • Congratulates parents on the birth of their lovely baby and tells them that they will shortly be receiving the first of the four Bookbug packs
  • Intended to be handed out by registrars when parents register the birth of their child. This should be organised by the Bookbug coordinator.

Songs and Rhymes 

My Bookbug Sessions
  • You can now download the songs and rhymes on the Bookbug My Bookbug Session CD that is included in the Bookbug Baby pack. Click the link above to download. 
  • Please include a selection of these songs and rhymes in your Bookbug Session

Bookbug stickers

Bookbug sticker
  • Very popular for promoting the Bookbug Programme with children
  • Please give these out to children at special Bookbug events

Bookbug Session advertising posters (A4)

Bookbug Session advertising poster
  • For promoting Bookbug Sessions to children and their families
  • Space in the main body of the poster for local details (location, date and time) to be inserted and named contact for the session
  • Should be displayed in as many different venues as possible, in order to ensure that the message reaches lots of parents
Bookbug Story Time Session Poster (A4) Download only
 Bookbug Story Time Session poster
  • For promoting Story Time Sessions to children and their families
  • Space in the main body of the poster for local details (location, date and time) to be inserted with a named contact for the session
  • For display in as many different venues as possible, or sent electronically, to help the message reach lots of parents

Bookbug t-shirt

Bookbug T-Shirt
  • Issued to Bookbug Session Leaders who have attend Scottish Book Trust training
  • T-shirt should be worn at all Bookbug Sessions and at all other events and activities related to Bookbug Sessions

Bookbug Library Challenge posters (A3)

Bookbug Library Challenge poster
  • Should be displayed in libraries and other suitable venues within your community to help promote the library challenge to children and their families

Bookbug Library Challenge collector's card

Collector's Card
  • Promotional resource to encourage children to visit the library regularly
  • Every child aged between birth and four should be given a collector’s card on their first visit
  • Every time the child visits the library their collector’s card should be stamped
  • Once they have received 6 stamps the child can exchange their card for one of the beautifully illustrated Library Challenge certificates 
  • Please remember to give a child a new card when they receive their certificate so they can start collecting stamps again  

Click here for more information about Bookbug's Library Challenge

Bookbug Library Challenge certificates 

Mighty Small Library Challenge Certificate

(6 designs)

  • One certificate should be exchanged for 6 stamps on a child’s collector’s card
  • Please remember to issue the child with a new collector’s card when they receive their certificate so that they can carry on collecting stamps      

Click here for more information about Bookbug's Library Challenge

Bookbug Baby and Toddler Bag Gifting Guidance

Bookbug Pirate Bag Gifting Guidance


Purchasable promotional resources

We have a number of additional resources that were produced to mark the launch of the Bookbug programme.  For more information about purchasing promotional resources, our suppliers and using our artwork please contact

Bookbug pull up banner

  • Great for displays and stands at conferences
  • Easily portable
  • Every local authority in Scotland was provided with at least one Bookbug banner
  • Please contact your Bookbug coordinator if you wish to borrow the banner for an event

Bookbug bunting

  • Produced for the launch of the Bookbug programme
  • While we do not plan to produce more bunting, we can advise you on suppliers if you wish to print your own

Bookbug mascot costume (life-size)

  • Scottish Book Trust owns a number of Bookbug mascot costumes which Bookbug coordinators can hire free of charge for 2 week periods
  • The costume always goes down well at special Bookbug events, helping to spread the book sharing message and encouraging children to love books
  • Please contact for further information about hiring the costume