Wall Song by Aidan John Moffat

Legendary Scottish songwriter and musician Aidan Moffat has written a song about his favourite place: the wall in Falkirk where he used to meet up and hang about with his friends as a youngster.

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There’s a picture of you on that wall

as the sun sets down on the town hall,

with a hopeful smile but head held down,

watching buses breaking out of town.


We had to make some big decisions

so we gossiped till the sun was gone;

soon you’d be studying at uni,

and soon I’d be signing on.


And the cells where we will spend the night

when they misconstrue a friendly fight

after getting drunk with secret skill,

just a moment from us up the hill.


How many nights did we run by here

with the Casuals on our heels?

How much cheap wine was swigged and swallowed

as we dined on deep-fried meals?


They swung their skates and spat

but at least they missed your head,

and I heard a rumour that

at least one of them’s now dead.

But the buses stopped for us

after a few more idle years,

and we fled without much fuss,

in search of cradles and careers.

It’s a picture of you I can’t find,

but forever mounted in my mind;

of the place where we would dream and vow,

and I wonder where you might be now.

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