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I was born in 1957 in a small village in Sussex, on the south coast of England. From eleven years of age I was educated at a Church of England secondary school and had no real ambition beyond leaving school and getting a job. It was a fairly sheltered environment, quiet and rural where life revolved around the church and the changing seasons. I started writing poetry at that school, but apart from some encouragement from an enthusiastic English teacher, didn’t really think there was much future in writing poetry. However, I did continue to write slowly and steadily for the next twenty-odd years (some would say very odd), until I received some positive feedback on my poetry from fellow writers at a writers group I was attending. From that point onwards I became more prolific, entering competitions, submitting work to publications and so on, without success, until one day I met Michael Molden of Cauliay Publishing, at a poetry reading in Ellon, a small town just north of Aberdeen where my family and I had moved some three years before. Michael invited me to submit poems for an anthology he was planning and subsequently asked me to put together a collection of my own. Love, Cry and Wonder Why was the result of that meeting and of over thirty years of writing.

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I take inspiration from life around me, the countryside, my family (my son’s have unwittingly provided many an idea), love and emotion. I prefer to look at the subjects from a slightly abstract point of view, but on occasions settle for the simple viewpoint of a child. Some of my poetry is indeed childlike and simplistic but conversely, at times, deeply layered, complex and adult in content. I like to provoke reaction, but that reaction is dictated by the readers, as I’m happy to give the poems to them to draw from as they wish. I’m currently still writing poetry, but have plans to write a novel.

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Author(s): Bernard Briggs
Bernard Briggs' third collection including poetry and short stories

A Hatching of Ghosts

Author(s): Bernard Briggs
A Hatching of Ghosts is a beautifully crafted collection of poetry by Bernard Briggs.

Love, Cry and Wonder Why

Author(s): Bernard Briggs
Love, Cry and Wonder Why is the long awaited collection of poetry by Bernard Briggs, one of the most talented poets writing in Britain today.