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I’m a full-time author and now have six novels and five picture books in publication. Over the last ten years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in schools and libraries all over the UK, in Malaysia and in different parts Europe. I’ve visited over 30,000 children in that time, either giving workshops or presentations. I like to see children using their imagination and make my visits very interactive through games and discussion.

My books tend to look at topical subjects while telling fast moving stories.

I’ve also worked with Education Scotland presenting author blogs to schools on Indonesia, Standing Stones and organising book launches. These video diaries are still on the GLOW platform.

About writer's work

Sunny - is a mystery where a boy, Sunny Wilson, survives a horrible crash only to find out that he wasn't supposed to live. Family feuds, racism and sectarian issues are the background to this fast moving thriller for kids. 10+ years. ‘A fast-moving crime thriller for school pupils aimed at tackling…sectarianism and racism.’ The Scotsman

Windscape - explores the wind farms an environmental issues through a Jenny and Pavel adventure story set in the west of Scotland. 8+ years.

The Egg Thief - explores conservation issues through another Jenny and Pavel adventures, set in the west of Scotland. 8+ years.

The Peck Chronicles - an asthmatic hero, James Peck tries to reunite his crazy family in this world an others. Full of magic and monsters, these books are ideal for exploring children’s imagination and creativity. 8+ years.

The Tiffy Toffy Tales - fun animal tales with counting and finding objects in the pages. Ideal for P1-P3 children. The supporting workshop has lots of games, puppets and drawing.

I genuinely love seeing children enjoy books and using their imagination.

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Pre-school, nurseries and play groups: ages 3 plus

Primary Schools: P1 – P7, Comprehensive, Private, Steiner…

Secondary Schools: S1 – S6, Comprehensive, Private, and Steiner…

Bereaved Children’s Groups: ages 4 - 14

Special Needs and Access Schools – Children with emotional and behavioural issues

Taking a music class where he draws on his previous experience as a rock musician

Festivals and Special Events – Wigtown Book Festival, Aberdeen Storytelling Festival, Borders Book Festival, The Encounters Festival, The New Lanark Schools Book Festival…

Creative Writing Groups - Adult and Children

Library Visits all over the UK and beyond

International Cross-Cultural work between schools in Bali and Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government.

Working with Charities – Asthma UK, UNICEF, The Heroes Centre, East Bali Poverty Project

Government Organisations - Education Scotland, Local Authorities...

Keynote Speeches, Assembly Presentations, Prize giving’s

Special School Projects - Environmental Projects around the Eco-Thriller set in the Highlands - WINDSCAPE

Book Shop Events - WHSmith, Waterstones and many independent stores

Teacher and Company Presentations - Conference syndicate work, project planning, presentations etc.


"A huge number of parents have contacted me over the course of the last 2 months to tell me how fabulous they thought Prize Giving was last session, something they feel was a direct result of your speech...Thank you for inspiring my children - all 360 of them!" - Mrs Alison Duncan, Head of Junior School - St Columba's School, Kilmacolm

"I have been greatly heartened by the children's response and enthusiasm. They were clearly motivated and inspired by what you had to say. It is wonderful to be part of the ensuing energy and creativity!!" - Maureen McNaughton - Head Teacher - St. Joseph's Primary School - Whitburn.

"Parents have been SO positive about your visit and have let me know just how motivating and exciting the children found the experience. It was great to have them coming into school throughout the week and to hear such enthusiasm." - Head - Gartocharn Primary School.

"Thank you very much for your fantastic workshops for Primary 4,5,6 and 7. The children thoroughly enjoyed them. Every time I popped my head round the door they were hanging on your every word. They are still buzzing about you and your books today. It's great to direct children to books and literature." Yvonne Sharp - Head of Cardross Primary School

"You certainly engaged the pupils and involved them in a positive and creative way. I hope this was the first of many visits with our festival." Hester Beattie-Curricular Support and Development (Aberdeen Storytelling Festival)

"The class were enthralled throughout the event. Enthusiasm was sparked and they were raving to write their own stories, which were very good."  Stoneywood Primary School, Aberdeen.

“Having attended a session with Paul, I can vouch for how enthralled the children were throughout. He really fired their imagination and the exercises he conducted were both educational and, more importantly, fun! And for us a charity, the message that having asthma need not be a barrier to living a full, healthy and adventurous lifestyle is one we are keen to promote at every opportunity.” Gordon Brown, Director, Asthma UK Scotland.

"The workshop was an excellent learning experience; the pupils were absolutely spellbound." S. Mowatt - Primary 7 Teacher, Ladyton Primary School, Alexandria

“Paul Murdoch was absolutely brilliant, pupils and staff enthralled by him, big range too from P4 to S1 but he held attention of all of them the whole time. Loved the activity part of it too.” (80 pupils)  - Head`Librarian - Castlebay, Barra.

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Paul Murdoch

Current events and projects

Recently back from a school assignment in Bali, he has a new workshop called – A WINDOW ON ANOTHER WORLD, which looks at his visit to schools in the jungles of Indonesia, but also delves into the crazy, fantasy world of TALISMAN. Children from 8 upwards will learn, first-hand, about another culture and also get the chance to use their imagination, as Paul helps the class create monsters and write its own story.

Paul has worked with 100’s of schools all over the UK and Ireland. He has also performed school and library visits in Bali and Germany. 

On top of this Paul has given keynote speeches at prize-giving events and at school assemblies.

Author Sessions:

Paul performs workshops with 20 - 50 children at a time where he explores their own creativity and ability to form stories using pictures, games and exercises. The three workshops/ presentations currently running are:

1. The 'Window on Another World' Workshop (P4-S3)

Children get to explore two new worlds - Bali and the fantasy world of TALISMAN. They get to design their own monster, run with their imagination and even make up their own fable. There is always time for questions. 50 mins

2. Windswept and Interesting (P4-S3)

This session explores Paul's journey to become a writer and examines the eco-thriller, WINDSCAPE and other new books. He encourages the children to lead the discussion and is happy to explore different aspects of writing and getting published. 50 mins

3. The Young Children's Workshop (P1-P3)

Using the Tiffy and Toffy picture books, children from 3-7 learn about wildlife and get to hear the stories first hand...This session is interactive with games, counting, catching, puppets, music and well-being. 50 mins

Other work

Paul is also a musician and has written songs for fitness companies, UNICEF, school plays and theatre groups.

He did a video diary for GLOW of his cross-cultural trip to Indonesia.

Paul is a children’s ambassador for Asthma UK.


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West Dunbartonshire

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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Argyll and Bute, Clackmannanshire, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles), Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee, East Ayrshire, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, East Renfrewshire, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Highland, Inverclyde, Midlothian, Moray, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, Orkney, Perth and Kinross, Renfrewshire, Scottish Borders, Shetland, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire, Stirling, West Dunbartonshire, West Lothian, Other

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Author(s): Paul Murdoch
Luck seems to be on young Sunny Wilson’s side when he survives a major road accident. But was he meant to walk away?
Egg Thief cover

The Egg Thief

Author(s): Paul Murdoch
Young Jenny MacLeod and her friend, Pavel, are caught up in an exciting adventure on the Western Isles of Scotland.

Talisman [writing as Paul Murdoch]

Author(s): Paul Murdoch
Can James find the Talisman in time? Is his father in Denthan too? And can he save a whole world and everyone he loves?
Tiffy and Toffy - The Lucky Pellet

Tiffy and Toffy - The Lucky Pellet

Author(s): Paul Murdoch
Winter is coming and the two sister-mice, Tiffy and Toffy, find themselves short of food. Join them on their adventure as they set off to try and find some corn for their larder.
Tiffy and Toffy - The Big Red Monster

Tiffy and Toffy - The Big Red Monster

Author(s): Paul Murdoch
When Tiffy and Toffy grab all their things and run away from a big red monster, they end up in Willie Weasel’s lair. Can Molly Mole save them? What will become of their home?
Tiffy and Toffy - The Great Vole Rescue

Tiffy and Toffy - The Great Vole Rescue

Author(s): Paul Murdoch
When Violet Vole tells Tiffy and Toffy that Willie Weasel has stolen all the baby voles, they set off to try and save them. Can Tiffy and Toffy rescue the voles and save the day?
Tiffy and Toffy - Annie Adder's Gold

Tiffy and Toffy - Annie Adder's Gold

Author(s): Paul Murdoch
A beautiful picture book for younger children featuring two sister mice - Tiffy and Toffy.


Author(s): Paul Murdoch
A proposed wind farm on a lonely Scottish island starts a series of events that leads 10 year-old Jenny MacLeod on a dangerous adventure with her friend Pavel.
Titty and Tatty - The Squashed-Worm and Bramble Pie

Titty and Tatty - The Squashed-Worm and Bramble Pie

Author(s): Paul Murdoch
When Titty goes looking for brambles for her sister's special pie, Kenny Kestrel tries to spoil her fun. There's more than Titty and Tatty needing fed on this sunny autumn day.