10 Books About Pets (3-7)

Wondering what your pets do when you're out? These books tell all!

Books for those who love their pups and kitties

1. I Want a Pet

Lauren Child

2. Hickory Dickory Dog

Alison Murray

3. My Cat Mac

Margaret Forrester, Sandra Klaassen

4. When Martha's Away

Bruce Ingman

5. Old Bear Stories

Jane Hissey

6. My Bear Griz

Suzanne McGinness
Dogs cover

7. Dogs

Emily Gravett

8. Winnie the Witch

Valerie Thomas, Korky Paul
How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens

9. How to Hide a Lion

Helen Stephens
Harry and Hopper cover

10. Harry and Hopper

Margaret Wild, Freya Blackwood (Illus)

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Brianne Moore

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