10 Favourite Scottish Novels

The public's picks of the 10 best Scottish novels of the last 50 years

As part of Book Week Scotland 2013, we asked you to vote for your favourite Scottish novel of the last 50 years, with titles coming from a shortlist curated by literary critic Stuart Kelly in collaboration with staff from Scottish Book Trust. And you certainly responded--more than 8,800 votes were cast and a lively debate started in the comments section, proving that, when it comes to reading, Scots certainly are passionate! And it wasn't just Scots; book lovers from around the globe got involved in the poll, with votes coming in from 57 different countries including the USA, Ethiopia, Iceland and South Korea.

The Bridge cover

1. The Bridge

Iain Banks
Excession cover

2. Excession

Iain M. Banks
Morvern Callar

3. Morvern Callar

Alan Warner
Docherty cover

4. Docherty

William McIlvanney
Lanark cover

5. Lanark

Alasdair Gray
Black and Blue cover

6. Black and Blue

Ian Rankin
44 Scotland Street

7. 44 Scotland Street

Alexander McCall Smith
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