10 Funny Books by Women

Magi Gibson proves that girls can tickle the funny bone too

Despite what Christopher Hitchens and Jerry Lewis may think, women are just as clever, witty, and hilarious as men. Don't believe me? Give one of these books a read, and see if it changes your mind.

Young visitors cover

5. The Young Visitors

Daisy Ashford

6. Angel

Elizabeth Taylor
The Observations by Jane Harris

7. The Observations

Jane Harris
Marriage by Susan Ferrier

8. Marriage

Susan Ferrier
Emma cover

10. Emma

Jane Austen

List created by

Magi Gibson
Magi Gibson

Magi is a poet and writer of children's books. Her work has won her three Scottish Arts Council Creative Writing Fellowships and one Royal Literary Fellowship, and she has published three full collections of poetry, one joint collection with Helen Lamb and three young adult novels.

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