11 Books About Being Unique (3-7)

Celebrating diversity

This book list is part of a series for children with additional support needs.

The age range provided alongside this book list is simply a guide - don’t worry too much about matching it up with that of your child. Either let them choose, or pick one for them based on what they have enjoyed previously.

Every child is unique and these books celebrate diversity by featuring characters with a disability. Talk to your child about the characters and enjoy sharing their inspirational stories together.

Mole's Sunrise By Jeanne Willis

1. Mole's Sunrise

Jeanne Willis
Seal Surfer by Michael Foreman

2. Seal Surfer

Michael Foreman
Broken Bird by Michael Broad

3. Broken Bird

Michael Broad
My Friend Isabelle by Eliza Woloson

4. My Friend Isabelle

Eliza Woloson
Daniel and Diesel by Charlotte Hudson

5. Daniel and Diesel

Charlotte Hudson
The Five of Us by Quentin Blake

6. The Five of Us

Quentin Blake
Just Because by Rebecca Elliott

7. Just Because

Rebecca Elliott
Freddie and the Fairy By Julia Donaldson

8. Freddie and the Fairy

Julia Donaldson, Karen George (Illus)
Susan Laughs By Jeanne Willis

9. Susan Laughs

Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross (Illus)
Max the Champion by Alex Strick

10. Max the Champion

Sean Stockdale, Alex Strick, Ros Asquith (Illus)
Perfect cover

11. Perfect

Nicola Davies, Cathy Fisher (Illus)

List created by

Lynsey Rogers

Lynsey Rogers is the writer development co-ordinator with Scottish Book Trust.