12 Alternative Cities and Transformed Towns

The world's most famous cities, reimagined

It's fascinating to read about famous places that have been radically re-invented in fiction. In these novels, familiar towns and cities are re-imagined and filled with monsters; made surreal and dreamlike, or viewed from alternate timelines or histories... 

1. Un Lun Dun

China Mieville

2. Rivers of London

Ben Aaronovitch
Neverwhere cover

5. Neverwhere

Neil Gaiman

6. London Falling

Paul Cornell
Pollen cover

7. Pollen

Jeff Noon
Winter's Tale cover

8. Winter's Tale

Mark Halperin
Never the Bride cover

9. Never the Bride

Paul Magrs
The Bridge cover

10. The Bridge

Iain Banks
Lanark cover

11. Lanark

Alasdair Gray
Invisible Cities cover

12. Invisible Cities

Italo Calvino
Northern Lights cover

13. Northern Lights

Philip Pullman

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Roy Gill
Roy Gill

Roy Gill's first novel, The Daemon Parallel, was published last year. A contemporary fantasy set in a transformed Edinburgh, it follows a teenage boy on a quest to bring back his father from the dead. He is currently working on a sequel. 

Roy was a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award Winner in 2009-10, and has also been shortlisted for both the Kelpies and Sceptre Prize. Other published work includes fiction and essays for Algebra (Tramway Theatre), Critical Quarterly, Fractured West and Creeping Flesh.