12 Notable Rebels (8-11)

Characters who wouldn't accept 'no'

History is hardly ever made by those who follow the rules. The same is true of a good story. What fun is it, reading about someone who just sits quietly and does as they're told? Nah, we want a good rebel, don't we?

The Garbage King cover

1. The Garbage King

Elizabeth Laird
I Am Malala cover

2. I Am Malala

Malala Yousafzai
Osbert the Avenger cover

4. Osbert the Avenger

Christopher William Hill
William Wallace cover

9. William Wallace and All That

Allan Burnett, Scoular Anderson (Illus)
Dreamsnatcher cover

10. The Dreamsnatcher

Abi Elphinstone
Girl of Ink and Stars cover

11. The Girl of Ink and Stars

Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Pippi Longstocking cover

12. Pippi Longstocking

Astrid Lindgren, Lauren Child (Illus)

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