14 Thrilling Books for Teen Readers

Books that keep hearts racing and pages turning

Looking for a book that'll leave you breathless? Read on...

Children of Icarus cover

1. Children of Icarus

Caighlan Smith
Quantum Drop cover

2. Quantum Drop

Saci Lloyd
The Maze Runner

3. The Maze Runner

James Dashner
Batman cover

4. Batman: Long Halloween

Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale
Last Seen Leaving cover

5. Last Seen Leaving

Caleb Roehrig
Malarkey cover

6. Malarkey

Keith Gray
Black Cairn Point cover

8. Black Cairn Point

Claire McFall
SIlent Saturday cover

9. Silent Saturday

Helen Grant
The Recruit cover

10. The Recruit

Robert Muchamore
Underworld cover

11. Underworld

Cathy MacPhail
Follow Me cover

12. Follow Me

Victoria Gemmell
The Lie Tree cover

14. The Lie Tree

Frances Hardinge

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