17 Mouthwatering Picture Books About Food (3-7)

Tasty stories to devour in one sitting!

TFood is a brilliant topic for children because every child has an experience of food that they can share with others, regardless of their age, race, or religion. We celebrate the theme of food with 17 wonderful books that tackle healthy eating, fussy eating, and just the pure joy of enjoying a sweet treat like chocolate cake! Happy reading (and eating)!

Foxly's feast cover

5. Foxly's Feast

Owen Davey
Fussy Freya cover

6. Fussy Freya

Katherine Quarmby
Oliver's Fruit Salad cover

8. Oliver's Fruit Salad

Vivian French, Alison Bartlett (Illus)
Tasty Poems cover


Jill Bennett, Nick Sharratt (Illus)
Kitchen Disco cover

11. Kitchen Disco

Claire Foges, Al Murphy (Illus)
Stone Soup cover

12. Stone Soup

Jess Stockham
Chocolate Cake cover

13. Chocolate Cake

Michael Rosen, Kevin Waldron (Illus)
Fabulous Pie cover

14. Fabulous Pie

Gareth Edwards, Guy Parker-Rees (Illus)
Baking with Dad cover

15. Baking with Dad

Aurora Cacciapuoti
Pumpkin Soup cover

16. Pumpkin Soup

Helen Cooper
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