18 Novels With Unsolved Mysteries

Many a maddening mystery

Unsolved mysteries are irresistable--they tap directly into our desire to always have an answer, a resolution. To be without those things drives us all a bit crazy, and yet, a clear-cut solution is not always available. These intriguing novels all centre around some sort of unresolved mystery. Some are real-world crimes given a fictional overhaul; others are purely invented. All of them are haunting remnants of a character's past that ensares them, and us, as we all reach for the answers to the vital questions: who? why? and how?

From Hell by Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Pete Mullins

1. From Hell

Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell
After I'm Gone cover

4. After I'm Gone

Laura Lippman
Sharp Objects cover

10. Sharp Objects

Gillian Flynn
Black Dahlia cover

11. The Black Dahlia

James Ellroy
Honeymoon cover

12. Honeymoon

Patrick Modiano
Promise Not to Tell cover

13. Promise Not to Tell

Jennifer McMahon
Night Watch cover

14. The Night Watch

Sarah Waters
Long Drop cover

17. The Long Drop

Denise Mina
Case Histories cover

18. Case Histories

Kate Atkinson

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