6 More Graphic Novels for Beginners

Ready to start reading graphic novels? Karin Kukkonen suggests a few to start with

Once thought to be the reading material of choice for uber nerds, comic books and graphic novels have gained a place of respect in recent years--and for good reason. Many of them boast characters and plots as complex and creative as any novel, with the added bonus of often intriguing artwork. Karin Kukkonen, Oxford University Fellow and author of Studying Comics and Graphic Novels shared six of her favourite titles on an episode of Book Talk. Give some of them a try, and hear what she has to say about the rise of comics on our podcast.

Ed note: Where Kukkonen's choice represents a series, we’ve selected the first book in that series.

100 Bulletts cover

2. 100 Bulletts

Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso, Dave Johnson
Planatery cover

3. Planatery

Warren Ellis
Promethea cover

4. Promethea

Alan Moore
Blankets cover

5. Blankets

Craig Thompson
Fun Home cover

6. Fun Home

Alison Bechdel

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