7 Books About Wolves

Lari Don gets in touch with her wild side

I’ve written about wolves more often than I ever expected, both my own fictional wolves and retellings of old tales about wolves. In order to get to know the true wolf, I’ve followed wolf-print trails down a lot of (literary) paths. By immersing myself in so much factual and fictional writing about wolves, with wolves portrayed as both goodies and baddies, I have realised that how we react to wolves says far more about ourselves than about any wolf.

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Lari Don
Lari Don

Lari Don is an award-winning children’s writer who writes novels, picture books, retellings of old folklore and novellas for reluctant readers. She also works in schools and libraries with children of all ages, sharing her passion for stories and encouraging children to write their own. Check out her blog series Unlocking the Writer Inside.

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