8 Great Examples of Metafiction

Breaking the fourth wall

Metafiction is a risky literary device: pretentious, self indulgent, confusing - generally a tough trick to pull off. Those few who do pull it off achieve something truly unique, something that bends genre, introduces awkward themes (of subjectivity of meaning associated with post-structuralism) and the relationship between fiction and life on the reader. I tried to do it in my novella "Moosejaw Frontier", but hell, there ain't no medals for trying in metafiction! Here's a list of those who got it bang on the money.

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Chris Kelso
Chris Kelso

Chris Kelso is a writer, illustrator and editor. His books include - Schadenfreude (Dog Horn Publishing), Last Exit to Interzone (Black Dharma Press), A Message from the Slave State (Western Legends Books), Moosejaw Frontier (Bizarro Pulp Press), Transmatic (MorbidbookS) and The Black Dog Eats the City. He recently edited Caledonia Dreamin - Strange Fiction of Scottish Descent with Hal Duncan and is the co-creator of the anti-New Yorker, Imperial Youth Review.