Best Scottish Books for Older Readers (Teens)

Shortlisted SCBA titles for teens

Every year, tens of thousands of school pupils vote for their favourite books in the Scottish Children’s Book Awards. Check out this list to see all the books shortlisted for the 12-16 age category since 2006. From thrillers to sci-fi, historical fiction to heady contemporary drama, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Green Jasper

Katie Grant
Nemesis cover

2. Nemesis-Into the Shadows

Catherine MacPhail
Reckoning cover

3. The Reckoning

James Jauncey
Crash cover

4. Crash

J.A. Henderson

5. The Witching Hour

Elizabeth Laird

6. Grass

Cathy MacPhail
Crusade cover

8. Crusade

Elizabeth Laird
Scarlett cover

10. Scarlett

Cathy Cassidy
Dark Spell by Gill Arbuthnott

12. Dark Spell

Gill Arbuthnott
Drowning Pond cover

13. The Drowning Pond

Catherine Forde
Witness cover

14. The Witness

James Jauncey
Cover of Roxy's Baby

15. Roxy's Baby

Cathy MacPhail
Black Dove White Raven cover

16. Black Dove, White Raven

Elizabeth E Wein
The Wall by William Sutcliffe

17. The Wall

William Sutcliffe
Mosi's War cover

18. Mosi's War

Cathy MacPhail
The Piper cover

20. The Piper

Danny Weston
Ferryman cover

21. Ferryman

Claire McFall
Code Name Verity cover

22. Code Name Verity

Elizabeth Wein
Bunker 10 cover

23. Bunker 10

J.A. Henderson
Cover of Ostrich Boys

24. Ostrich Boys

Keith Gray
The Seeing cover

27. The Seeing

Diana Hendry
Wasted cover

28. Wasted

Nicola Morgan
Crossing the Line cover

29. Crossing the Line

Gillian Philip
Medici Seal cover

30. The Medici Seal

Theresa Breslin

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