Sexy Scotland

Alan Bissett shares some Scottish books sure to get you hot under your tartan!

Hidebound by a Calvinist past of self-denial and chastity, Scottish literature has struggled to be sexy. It’s fair to say that has changed. Look away now, as Caledonian fiction takes off its clothes.

Click on the covers to find out why each book has earned a place on this steamy list!

**Please note, this is a list intended for adults, and some of the titles may not be suitable for younger readers.

Young Adam

1. Young Adam

Alexander Trocchi

2. Complicity

Iain Banks
Porno cover

3. Porno

Irvine Welsh
1982, Janine cover

5. 1982, Janine

Alasdair Gray
Swung by Ewan Morrison

6. Swung

Ewan Morrison
panopticon cover

7. The Panopticon

Jenni Fagan
The Cutting Room

8. The Cutting Room

Louise Welsh

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Alan Bissette
Alan Bissett

Falkirk-born Alan Bissett is an award-winning author whose novels include Boyracers, The Incredible Adam Spark, Death of a Ladies' Man and Pack Men. He also wrote and narrated Shutdown, a documentary short about his experience growing up near the Grangemouth oil refinery. Bissett was named the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Writer of the Year in 2011.