The Worst-Laid Plans

8 teen books for those who like a bit of danger!

They all seemed like good ideas at the time – but these teen books all take a dark twist as characters get dangerously in over their heads. From deadly extreme sports to school trips gone horrifyingly wrong, these books are all a must read for anyone who loves flirting with danger!

The Machine-Gunners cover

1. The Machine-gunners

Robert Westall

2. Tombstoning

Doug Johnstone
Kit's Wilderness cover

3. Kit's Wilderness

David Almond
The Lord of the Flies

4. The Lord of the Flies

William Golding
Cover of Ostrich Boys

5. Ostrich Boys

Keith Gray
Sara's Face cover

6. Sara's Face

Melvin Burgess
Torn cover

7. Torn

Cat Clarke
The Seeing cover

8. The Seeing

Diana Hendry
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