V for Victory

11 teen books about World War II

World War II was an important period in British history: one small island was left facing the might of Nazi Germany almost entirely alone, and in true British spirit, the people dug in and stayed strong, even in the face of horrific bombing raids and stringent rationing. Though the conflict may sound dry in your school textbooks, these novels bring it to life, in all its pain, triumph, and tragedy.

Carrie's War cover

1. Carrie's War

Nina Bawden

2. A Little Love Song

Michelle Magorian
Night cover

3. Night

Elie Wiesel
The Silver Sword cover

4. The Silver Sword

Ian Serraillier
Maus cover

6. Maus a Survivors Tale

Art Spiegelman
Mavis's Shoe cover

7. Mavis's Shoe

Sue Reid Sexton
Tamar cover

8. Tamar

Mal Peet
The Book Thief cover

9. The Book Thief

Markus Zusak
Front Lines cover

10. Front Lines

Michael Grant
Code Name Verity cover

11. Code Name Verity

Elizabeth Wein

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