A Book and a Beer

Organise a Book and a Beer Event in your Pub, Café or Home!

This year, to encourage more people to get reading, we are asking individuals and local pubs around the country to hold a ‘Book and a Beer’ hour during Book Week Scotland, 21-27 November 2016.


What is Book and a Beer?

A Book and a Beer event is simply a get-together that puts the focus on reading and talking about reading, in a welcoming and social environment.

Alcohol is optional and you’re certainly not restricted to beer – all you need is something to read. 

Book Week Scotland is our annual week-long celebration of books and reading and is the perfect time to celebrate books with a beer (or a coffee!). The week features events with book lovers and top authors taking place in a variety of venues all across the country.


How to host a Book and a Beer event

  • Choose a suitable venue – get in touch with a local pub, use your own space or see if you can partner with a nearby business.
  • Choose a date during Book Week Scotland (Monday 21 – Sunday 27 November)
  • Advertise! We have free, downloadable empty-belly posters to help you promote the time and date of your event. Make sure your advertising and posters are clear about what you want from the event, whether that’s a silent reading or the chance to chat about the books everyone is reading.
  • Provide the drinks – there’s a good chance people will bring their own books, but it will be down to you to provide the drinks. Whether that means choosing a venue where they’re already available or buying in a few bottles beforehand.
  • Plan conversation starters – if you are having an event for people to talk about books, it’s a good idea to nominate one or two staff or people in the local community who are chatty and friendly and happy to help other people get their conversations off the ground.
  • Put out fliers – put out Book Week Scotland fliers or your own Book and a Beer adverts on tables so participants know where to sit.
  • Have fun!


Why should you get involved?

Joining Book and a Beer is a great way to attract new audiences to your bars and to take part in a national celebration.

If this of interest or you would like further information about Book Week Scotland and how to get involved with Book and a Beer, please get in touch with Philippa Cochrane (philippa.cochrane@scottishbooktrust.com).