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Book Week Scotland is Scotland’s national celebration of reading, taking place each year during the final week of November.

The dates for Book Week Scotland 2017 are Monday 27 November – Sunday 3 December.


Book Week Scotland programming by young adults, for young adults.

We are very excited that for the first time this year we are able to offer a Young Programmers fund for Book Week Scotland. The idea behind this fund is to provide some funding and support for young people who wish to develop a career in the literature sector to enable them to programme an event for Book Week Scotland that will be of interest to other young people. We want to increase the range of events aimed at the 18-26 age group in Book Week Scotland and it is really important that whatever they look like, young people have the opportunity to lead the programming.

The offer:

  • Support to create a unique literary event especially for young adults like you
  • £325 to use to put on a Book Week Scotland event
  • Opportunities to meet with other young programmers and to hear from people working in the sector – once at the start of the programme and once at the end. Young programmers will be invited to come to BWS partners All-In Day on 5 July at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh
  • Support and guidance from Scottish Book Trust
  • Opportunities to get involved with the promotion of BWS in press and social media

What you need to apply:

  • One young person, aged between 18 and 26, who is passionate about books and reading and wants to share that with their peers
  • One supporting organisation – this could be an employer, a community group you are part of, your local library, your college or university etc.
  • One member of staff from your organisation who is prepared to provide you with regular support, guidance and generally act as a sounding board

What you need to do:

  • The application form is in two parts
    • The first part is to be filled in by the prospective young programmer
      • It asks a bit about you, why you want to take part and what sort of event you would like to put on
    • The second part is to be filled in by the organisation
      • This checks that they are able to provide the support you need and that they are happy for the application to go ahead
    • The deadline for applications is Friday 2 June at 5pm

Information for the Supporting Organisation

  • The commitment of one named member of staff to be the mentor for the young programmer. This person will be the young programmer’s main support throughout the process of programming and putting on an event or activity for Book Week Scotland. They will work with the young programmer to agree the details of the planned event, to manage the use of the funding, to ensure that the event is delivered successfully during Book Week Scotland and to provide the evaluation details required for Scottish Book Trust’s final report.
  • The mentor will be invited to attend two development days with their young programmer – the BWS All-In Day on Wednesday 5 July and the Young Programmer reflection day (date post BWS - tbc)
  • The organisation will take receipt of the funding provided and will ensure that the funding is used in an appropriate way

How you can use the funding

  • Events can take place anywhere in Scotland. For the young programmers fund the event can either be open to the public or an event for a specific group, but the event should be designed to be of interest to young adults like you.
  • Events can feature an author/storyteller/illustrator/writer or be an event without an author
  • Event support will be allocated at £325 for 1 event or activity. This can be used to cover:
    • an author fee of at least £175/event
    • travel expenses (e.g. travel, accommodation, food)
    • event expenses (e.g. venue, hire, catering, prizes, books to give away etc)
  • Authors do NOT have to be part of the Live Literature Funding database. They can come from anywhere. But we do ask that you pay author fees at the Live Literature rate of £175 per session plus agreed travel expenses.
  • The events may charge an admission fee, provided the money raised goes towards covering event expenses
  • All financial support provided by SBT must be used to deliver the event/activity. Funds received may not be used to support selling tickets for profit, to purchase book stock which will be sold at the event or any other profit generation.


About Book Week Scotland

The theme for Book Week Scotland 2017 is Nourish. Although not all events or activities need to be informed by the theme, we will be looking to build a range of events, related to books, reading and writing, under the following four programme strands:

  • Justice and Sustainability - equality of access to food and equality of access to culture, how our food and our culture is produced/made
  • Breaking Bread - Sharing culture, identities and traditions, international, travel, communities, faith and food, making connections using food and story
  • Nourishing Ourselves – health and wellbeing, how we nourish our whole beings, books as sources of mental, spiritual and emotional nourishment, different types of reading for different appetites
  • Feast – celebration, a cornucopia, something for everyone to try, fun, playful


Promotion and Participation

To help you publicise your Book Week Scotland events with your audiences, we will have a range of print materials available to all partners

We will also provide a Book Week Scotland handbook that will provide information on

  • BWS brand and logo usage guidelines so you can use the Book Week Scotland identity in your own materials.
  • press and marketing for all participating organisations, to allow you to connect with us via social media and work together on any press in your area.


Claiming Your Support

Once the support for your event or activity for BWS is confirmed and you have submitted your listing information, we will release funding to you at the end of September 2017.


Stay in touch 

If you have you any questions about Book Week Scotland or applications for event support, please feel free to get in touch.

Email Gordon Connelly,, or call 0131 524 0160.


Allocating Support

Scottish Book Trust will assess all the proposals and will allocate support in order to best deliver a diverse, engaging and interesting programme for Book Week Scotland.  We will be looking to ensure:

  • A broad geographical spread of activity
  • Diversity and creativity in the type of activities and events offered
  • Accessibility and inclusion


All in Day

If your application is successful we will invite you to join us for a BWS partners All In Day. This is an opportunity to meet all of the other Young Programmers and to get to know each other. You will also meet lots of people involved in BWS, to hear about their ideas and to get all the information you need to plan a great BWS event. We will cover your travel costs to attend this event. All-in Day will take place on Wednesday 5 July at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh


Deadlines for 2017

Deadline for applications

Friday 2 June, 5pm.

All in Day

Wednesday 5 July at Our Dynamic Earth

Deadline for events listings and print orders

Wednesday 13 September

Print materials sent to partners

w/c 2 October

Book Week Scotland Programme Press Launch


Book Week Scotland

Monday 27 November to Sunday 3 December

Young Programmers Review day

Early December 2017 (post BWS) - date tbc


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