Journeys: Get the Book!

Intrepid storytellers from across Scotland share the journeys that mean the most to them – whether that’s a trip around the world or a visit to a precious moment in the past. Leave your suitcase at home, let your imagination do the travelling for you and dip into tales of stunning landscapes, misadventures, relocations and relationships.

With stories from the Scottish public plus well-known writers including Andrew O’Hagan, Jenni Fagan and Lucy Ribchester, this is a book that will take you places.

A present from us to you to celebrate Book Week Scotland 2015, we hope the stories inside journey far and wide.


Where to get your free copy

The book has been distributed far and wide across Scotland - you can find a copy in libraries, bookshops including Waterstones branches, cinemas, hospitals, cafes, universities, colleges, churches, museums, galleries, Visit Scotland information centres and hundreds of other places across the country. Pick up your copy now!

To download the eBook

This eBook is available in both Kindle and epub files.

If you use a Kindle, please download the file labelled ‘Journeys for Kindle’, then email the downloaded file to your Kindle account.

If you would like to view Journeys on a non-Kindle e-reader (iPad/iPhone, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader and other .epub compatible devices) please download the file labelled ‘Journeys for E-reader’.

You can also read Journeys on your computer by opening the 'Journeys for E-reader' file with a desktop e-reader. If you need information about how to get set up with a free desktop e-reader, read this article.






Read individual stories

Angela Cran
Shopping for Lego®

Catherine McDonald
Meet Me At St. Monans

Catherine Simpson
Caravans, midges, fish and bollards

Christine Laurenson
A Hundred Lines to Fyvie

Clare Archibald
Meandering Route of the Muscle Memories

Clare Hunter

Diane Anderson
Kelpies - Nae Peril

Fatima Mohammed and Lucy Ribchester
Home Game

George Roy
I saw it

Harry Prentice
Scars, Trophies and Life's True Rewards

 Jane Fuller
Seaside, Seaside, Seaside

Jayne Yeomans
A Flutter in my Tummy

Jenni Fagan
Dear Future

Jennie Turnbull
If I Had the Car

My Journey to Brighton Place

L.M Sloan
The Bedtime Express

Liam Griffin
Jimmy Griffin is Gone

Linda Cracknell
Scent of the Moors

Lorna Malone
Taking It In Baby Steps

Lucy Sheppard
The Zipper Club

Malachy Tallack
The Ways to My Grandparents' House

Margaret Macrae
A Supermarket Journey

Margaret McVey
The Final Journey

Marianne Sellar
Granddad and the Bead

Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir
Ràithean a’ carachadh

Michael Scurfield
Backwards round Istanbul

Michelle Frost
The Scent of Freedom

Rona Fitzgerald

Ruby McCann
Duke Street Rhapsody

Sorbus Green
A Gift Bestowed

Sara Hamid
From Sudan to Scotland

George Watt
George's Journey

Tom Pow
Photo by Margaret Salmon

Gordon Buchanan
Driving North to Say Goodbye

Andrew O'Hagan
The Way Home

National Theatre of Scotland and the People of Wigtown
To Begin...

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National Theatre of Scotland and the People of Forres
To Begin...