Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle: Boudica 1

By Manda Scott



This is the first book in the Boudica series. In AD 60, Boudica, war leader of the Eceni, led her people in a final bloody revolt against the occupying armies of Rome. It was the culmination of nearly twenty years of resistance. This book recreates the beginnings of a story so powerful its impact has survived through the ages.

Year of Publication


"Manda Scott has created a fictional universe all her own, but close enough to our reality for it both to warm and break our hearts. Breathtakingly good, it reveals the best and worst in all of us" -- Val McDermid "The best in the current crop of novels about Rome, its empire and its victims ... never sentimental and always tough-minded" -- Roz Kaveney Independent "Every so often, a book comes along that totally remoulds a historical figure for our own times ... massively impressive" -- Jane Jakeman Scotland on Sunday "A powerful novel, alive with the love, deceit, wisdom and the heroics of humanity" -- Jean M. Auel "An extraordinary work ... exciting and intriguing, taking you into a world where unbelievable danger and cruelty sit side by side with magic, spirituality and profound human relationships" -- Jenni Murray

Author Biography

is a veterinary surgeon, writer and climber. Born and educated in Scotland, she now lives in Suffolk with two lurchers and too many cats. Known primarily as a crime writer, her first novel, Hen's Teeth was shortlisted for the Orange Prize. Her subsequent novels are Night Mares, Stronger than Death and No Good Deed, for which she was hailed by the Times as 'one of Britain's most important crime writers'. Dreaming the Eagle, the first book in the Boudica series, is also available in Bantam paperback