Boxer, Beetle

By Ned Beauman



Action and misadventure in a novel about control that is fizzing with ideas.

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Year of Publication


'An astonishing debut...buzzing with energy, fizzing with ideas, intoxicating in its language, BOXER, BEETLE is sexy, intelligent and deliriously funny' -- Jake Arnott 'A rambunctious, deftly-plotted delight of a debut' -- Observer 'Astonishingly assured...Beauman writes with real flair and invention...Many first novels are judged promising. Boxer, Beetle arrives fully formed: original, exhilarating and hugely enjoyable.' -- Peter Parker, Sunday Times 'Frighteningly assured' -- Independent on Sunday 'There are politics, black comedy, experimentation and wild originality - and I haven't even got to the beetles. Terrific.' -- Times 'Debut bout is a real knockout... dazzling' -- Daily Express 20100730 'Its ambitions are enormous, in terms of the range, energy and quality of the writing' -- Literary Review 20100730 'A witty, erudite debut...thick with trivia, it confidently takes on British fascism, the Thule society, anti-Semitism, atonal composition, sex, and the class system... An articulate and original romp... often gobsmackingly smutty. Beauman is one to watch.' -- Time Out 20100730 'Not one for the easily shocked, young scribe Ned Beauman subjects the reader to a parade of ghoulish events and ghastly theories throughout his dazzling first novel Boxer, Beetle... deeply researched and punchily written, this is an utterly unique work that marks the London-based author out as an exciting new voice in fiction.' -- The List 20100730 'It's clear from this compelling debut that Beauman can perform the complicated paradoxical trick required of the best 21st-century realist novelists: to take an old and predictable structure and allow it to produce new and unpredictable connections.' -- Guardian 20100730 'ambitious and energetic' -- Telegraph 20100730 'Clever, inventive, intelligently structured, genre-spanning, as magpie-like in its references as any graphic novel, and above all, an enjoyable, high-octane read through a fascinating period in history.' -- Independent on Sunday 20100730

Author Biography

Ned Beauman was born in 1985 and lives in London. He has written for Dazed & Confused, AnOther and the Guardian. This is his first novel.