Carina Contini's Kitchen Garden Cookbook: A Year of Italian Scots Recipes

By Carina Contini


Carina Contini's Kitchen Garden Cookbook is a collection of over 120 Scottish recipes with an Italian twist which celebrate the best seasonal ingredients.

Year of Publication


'Those with a kitchen garden will relish Carina Contini's Kitchen Garden Cookbook.' -- Carolyn Hart Saturday Telegraph Magazine "This cookery book does something that is very rarely done in the world of cuisine. Instead of throwing together meal ideas, Carina Contini has split up her ideas into different months of the year, which takes up the noble trend of seasonal eating. It's an ingenious idea from the book's author, who sources many of the ingredients she uses from her own back garden. It all makes for an interesting blend of the best Scottish ingredients, prepared and cooked with true Italian flair." Italia Magazine 'It's the personal touches that make this so much more than a cookbook.' Scottish Field

Author Biography

CARINA CONTINI and her husband Victor are the grandchildren of two immigrant Italian families that arrived in Scotland at the beginning of the last century. Their families have been at the heart of serving food in Scotland since then. They are passionate about the best local ingredients and work closely with over 50 artisan Scottish suppliers. This ensures that throughout the year they get the best of Scotland's larder. In recognition of her achievements and support for local, seasonal cuisine, Slow Food Chefs Alliance invited Carina to join as its first female chef in January 2012.