By John Maley
Delilah's cover



Glasgow is full of invisible lovers because it's a city where it's hard to be gay. Couples can't easily kiss in the park. They pretend for years to their families that their partner's 'a friend'. And families find it hard to accept that 'friend' - so many people never come out. Some folk look for one-night stands, others can't get anything else. But at Delilah's it's ok to be who you are, as long as you're honest. It's a happy place, always party time, and this is the book where you'll meet Joanie, the bar manager, Mamma and Papa, and all the regulars, as well as those passing through, because at Delilah's no one is invisible. From the big-hearted to the big-haired, Delilah's is in sympathy with the gay community, but with a lot of laughs.