Divided City

By Theresa Breslin
divided city cover



A young man lies bleeding in the street.

It could be any street, in any city. But it's not. It's Glasgow. And it's May - the marching season. The Orange Walks have begun.

Graham doesn't want to be involved. He just wants to play football with his new mate, Joe. But when he witnesses a shocking moment of violence, suddenly he and Joe are involved. With Catholics, and with Protestants. With a young Muslim asylum-seeker, and his girlfriend. With all the old rivalries - and fears . . .

A gripping tale about two boys who must find their own answers - and their own way forward - in a world divided by differences.

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Theresa Breslin is a great writer, and this book, while perhaps aimed at a young adult market, deserves to be read by young and old alike. The novel, set in Glasgow, tackles issues of sectarianism and racism against asylum seekers. The two main characters, Graham and Joe, come from either side of Glasgow’s traditional religious divide, but they are united through football and play together for the same team. When one of them witnesses an attack on a young Muslim man, it unites the two boys and forces them to question traditional and historic attitudes and prejudices of their city. This is a brilliant novel. - Paul Cuddihy