Fabulous Frogs

By Martin Jenkins, Tim Hopgood (Illus)


A bright, funny nature storybook about all kinds of frogs from prize-winning author Martin Jenkins, stylishly illustrated by Tim Hopgood.

Year of Publication


Bright, funny Nature Storybook about frogs from prize-winning Martin Jenkins, stylishly illustrated by Tim Hopgood. * The Bookseller Children's Buyer's Guide * None of the frog species featured in this lovely picture book is Indian but each one the conservation biologist Martin Jenkins has selected is strange and wonderful in its own way [...] Illustrator, Tim Hopgood has done these and the other frogs proud in his cracking pictures. A frogilicious book! * Red Reading Hub * This book explores frogs from around the world in a most lively and beautifully illustrated way. From the tadpole-filled endpapers to the colourful and sometimes life-size pictures you will learn all about the huge diversity of frogs. The author, a conservation biologist, describes both unusual and familiar frogs, from the African Clawed frog to the male Darwin's frog that looks after its tadpoles in a pouch in its throat.There are plenty of fascinating facts about frogs in this stylish and lavishly illustrated book with the added benefits of interesting and informative captions and an index. * SLA Award citation *

Author Biography

Martin Jenkins has written many groundbreaking non fiction books for Walker: Can We Save the Tiger?, The Story of Money and Ape to name a few. He has won several awards for his writing including the 1998 TES Information Book of the Year Junior Award for The Emperor's Egg, and he is the reteller of Don Quixote and Jonathan Swift's Gulliver, both illustrated by Chris Riddell. Jonathan Swift's Gulliver won the 2005 Kate Greenaway Medal. Martin lives in Cambridge.

Tim Hopgood is a popular, stylish and award-winning author and illustrator whose books for children include Here Comes Frankie!, winner of the Booktrust Best Emerging Illustrator Award 2008, Wow! said the Owl, shortlisted for the Booktrust Early Years Award 2009, Tip Tap Went the Crab, nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2010, and Big, nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2014. Tim lives in Yorkshire.