Journeys in the Wilderness: A John Muir Reader

By John Muir
Journeys in the Wilderness cover



The name of John Muir has come to stand for the protection of wild land and wilderness in America and Britain. Combining observation with a sense of inner discovery, Muir's writings of his travels through some of the greatest landscapes on Earth, including the Carolinas, Florida, Alaska. This collection presents the finest of Muir's writings.

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'It is fascinating...the memoirs have beguiling warmth and immediacy.' - Glasgow Herald 'It was after reading John Muir that I fell under his spell. The quality of the man...came out in his writing.' - Elisabeth Inglis, Scotsman Weekend

Author Biography

Born in Scotland, John Muir (1838-1914) emigrated to America at the age of eleven, where he developed his talent as a young naturalist. The series of books based on his epic journeys were to become the basis of the American conservation movement, and Muir's ideas and writings continue to contribute to debates on environmental matters.