Lost and Found: Stories from New York

By Thomas Beller


True stories from the Naked City a tour of the subterranean psyche of New York.

Year of Publication


The vignettes and urban sketches contained within this hefty anthology were originally submitted by New Yorkers to Thomas Beller's popular Mr. Beller's Neighborhood website. Choosing the very best of them to put into print, Beller has edited together a vivid and colourful resource that gives a strong impression of what it's like to live in the sprawling metropolis today.

Review by Rob Burdock

Author Biography

Thomas Beller is the author of two works of fiction, The Sleep-Over Artist, a novel, and Seduction Theory, a collection of short stories. His most recent book is a collection of personal essays, "How To Be a Man." He is a contributing editor at Travel and Leisure Magazine and The Cambodia Daily, and a co-founding editor of Open City Magazine. He is co-editor, with Kip Kotzen, of "With Love and Squalor, a book of essays about J.D. Salinger. In addition to, Before and After: Stories from New York, he edited "Personals," a collection of original essays published by Houghton Mifflin in 1998, filled with the early work of many interesting writers such as Bliss Broyard, Brady Udall, Toure, Meghan Daum, Robert Bingham, Strawberry Saroyan, and others.