Modren Scots Grammar: Wirkin Wi Wirds

By Christine Robinson


For use at home or in the classroom, this book provides the underlying principles of grammar, which can be used in Scots, English and other Modern Languages.

Year of Publication


This useful addition to the study of urban Scots dialects opens up the filed of linguistics to the general reader, combining the expertise of a linguist and a voice coach. Pronunciation in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dundee are considered, offering insights into how Scots is spoken today. SCOTS MAGAZINE

Author Biography

CHRISTINE ROBINSON MA PhD has taught Scots at the University of Edinburgh for many years. She lectures on Scots for the University of the Highlands and Islands and is Director of Scottish Language Dictionaries (SLD). SLD is the organisation dedicated to the lexicography of Scots and Scottish English with stewardship of the Scottish National Dictionary, A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the online Dictionary of the Scots Language In addition to lexicographical work, SLD has a lively outreach programme, supporting Scots in the community and in education. Brought up in Perth, of Kincardineshire parents, and now living in West Lothian she has first hand knowledge of a range of Scots dialects and has carried out a number of dialect research projects. She also has an interest in Older Scots. She is president of the Scots Language Society, a Trustee of the Scots Language Centre, a council member of the Association fro Scottish Literary studies and secretary to the Parliamentary Cross Party Group on Scots.